Brand Development

After identifying an audience, I help businesses define personalities, styles
and tones of voice that help when deciding how, when and why a brand speaks.



Pildora Events

As a newly established company promoting sustainability in fashion, Pildora wanted to boost their content production. With a team of rotating young writers, they also realized they needed to set guidelines of voice, tone and style.

I worked with the team to define the brand voice, as well as that of their customers. I developed a living style guide, including grammar particulars, word choices, punctuational notes and more, that could be used and updated as their production ramps up. 




As the veteran insights and research company worked to refresh its external brand, the team also wanted to humanize their internal documents.

Working off of outdated materials, I enhanced an HR and onboarding guide for new hires and staff. The book highlighted tips and tactics for optimizing workflows, and touched lightly on the company's voice and tone.




Ad-tech company Crowdtap wanted to spin their market research arm into its own company with a distinguishable personality. But market research is seen as boring, stuffy and old-school. Suzy is quick, fun and helpful, so we looked to the voice assistants of the moment (Alexa, Siri, Cortana) for inspiration.

Suzy was initially developed as the market researcher you want to have in every important meeting. She is smart and professional, with a line-in to what real people are saying about products and brands.

The brand has evolved since it's beta iteration, but made a strong impact with its stand-out persona in what is seen as a milquetoast vertical.

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