Video Marketing

Video is a captivating tool for businesses. I help connect businesses with consumers,
clients and aspirational partners with sophisticated video thought leadership.



"The Brief," Crowdtap

This weekly news video was created in collaboration with our sales experts to share the company's POV on recent influencer marketing news items.

I developed the series, wrote the scripts with input from sales stakeholders, shot, edited, produced and published these videos each week.

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"Under Five," Crowdtap

This seven-part series dives into the business side of influencer marketing with Adam Hirsch, EVP of Digital at Edelman. 

I created this series in partnership with one of our sales representatives. We created a lose script of questions and points to discuss, then shot for about 30 minutes. I edited and cut the conversation into a long-lasting series that helped to boost our company's perception in the market.

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Rev Run & DJ Ruckus, SXSW

Iconic rapper (and accidental Adidas brand ambassador) Rev Run, along with DJ Ruckus, talked with Crowdtap CEO Matt Britton about authenticity, technology and music.

I arranged the interviews and edited the videos for social.

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Women's Day, Crowdtap

For International Women's Day in 2017, I ideated and created this video for our b2c social network. We gathered women from around the office to tell stories and participate. I also edited and published the video to social, where it was very positively received.

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