I come with more than a decade of long- and short-form writing experience
and a bouquet of happy clients. 

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B2B Content

Show other businesses why your business is the best with thought leadership pieces on your blog, well-crafted pitch decks, smart email marketing, and more. I'll take your sharp marketing concepts and turn them into stellar turns of phrase. 

TL;DR: I'll make your brand look super good to potential clients whether you're reaching out directly or playing the long game.

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Brand Development

Sharpen the voice and tone of your brand, create living guidelines that serve as a north star for your employees to follow, and better communicate your message uniformly from decks and one-sheets to emails and website copy.

TL;DR: I'll make it sound like one person is speaking to your potential customers at any given time.

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Video Marketing

Turn your great content ideas, from interviews with industry bigwigs to product explainers to social media quick-hits, into marketable videos.

TL;DR: I'll help craft scripts and storyboards, and can help run production from start to finish.

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B2C Content

Talk to the everyday people benefitting from your business through blog posts and social media using smart, proven strategies and regular measurements of important metrics.

TL;DR: I'll create stellar content for your consumer-facing blogs and social media accounts, from broad strategic planning to hitting "Post" on Instagram.

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Sketch Comedy

Need to develop a human-sounding, humor-filled chat bot conversation? Want to create a snackable viral video with a budget for comedic actors? I'm trained in sketch comedy writing and can deliver impeccable structure and punchy jokes.

TL;DR: I'll help you develop a modern, humorous persona using comedic skills honed from training at the UCB. 

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Explore my resume for more. If you're ready, let's work together.

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