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Yes, you can learn to write jokes.

Starting in the summer of 2013, I took sketch comedy writing courses at the *esteemed* Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center.

After completing all three levels of sketch comedy (101-301), I graduated to the Advanced Study level in June 2014. I was selected to join the Maude team One idiot in March of 2015, and later became a founding member of The Classic.

The Classic

The Classic was a house sketch team performing monthly on Maude Night at the UCB Theater Chelsea from January to November 2017. Each month, the team built a sketch show from scratch. My sketches range from irreverent to topical. 

See them here >

The team was featured in Austin Sketch Festival in Austin, TX, in May 2018 to perform during a prime-time Saturday night slot.

Wow, that's nice!

"I found myself at my silliest when getting to a perform a sketch written by Katelyn. She's one of the smartest comedy writers I know."

- Tristan Griffin, Very Funny Actor

One Idiot

One Idiot was a house sketch team performing at the UCB Theater Chelsea from 2014-2016, known for our one-act parodies and satires. The team was also featured in the New York Comedy Festival, Austin Sketch Festival, and Philadelphia Sketch Festival.

Our two long-running one-acts were highly praised by the comedy community. Both were performed at the UCB Theater in Chelsea, as well as the UCB Theaters in Los Angeles. "What the Horse Saw" was featured at the Philadelphia Sketch Festival.

What the Horse Saw

In the summer of 2015, UCB Theater sketch team One Idiot dug up Tennessee Williams' grave, finding both his skeleton (eek!) and a previously undiscovered masterpiece. What the Horse Saw, an epic tale of love and loss, ran at the UCB Chelsea Theater from August 2015 to June 2016. It was well-reviewed by Comedy CakeStage BuddyTheater ScenePlaybill.comBrokelyn, and others.

This Murder, A Real Murder

Inspired by the success of Serial and Making a Murderer, One Idiot crafted this onstage true crime mockumentary. This Murder: A Real Murder ran from June to October of 2016. It's the story of an innocent man on trial for murder, and the documentarian who loves him. It was enjoyed by The Huffington PostTime Out New YorkComedy CakeCampus CircleLAist, and others.

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