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Content is the center of a flourishing ecosystem.

It’s strategic, going beyond disposable taglines that were built to fit on a subway ad and not to really say anything.

It’s thoughtful, speaking to humans as if they are humans to make ideas resonate.

It’s crisp, like fresh snow or freshly dead leaves, not clunky, like post-blizzard street slush.

It’s top-notch, meaning that it always makes sense grammatically and syntactically.

Out of one creative content strategy, a brand can build stunning websites that tell a story, ad campaigns that work, and a consumer base that cares.

Here, take a look.

I've worked with some stellar brands—some big, others blossoming. With each piece I develop, write, edit or oversee, I aim to be informative, break down complex concepts, and give actionable advice for a specific audience or segment.

3x3 connects beer, wine and spirits brands and retailers with each other — and with their ideal consumers. We've been together since the early days, when I created case studies and blog posts.

Now, I lead their marketing strategy as Content Director, heading up content creation and social sharing.

In pursuit of lead generation and growth, I build weekly newsletters, monthly blog posts, regular social content and more with a small team of freelancers.


new newsletter subscribers per week during the COVID-19 shutdown


steady email open rate for weekly newsletters


click-through rate of subscribers who read weekly newsletters is the content marketing arm of the Postal Service, offering information about shipping and the industries that surround it to small, medium and large businesses.

There's a ton of writing involved—from white papers and articles to experiences, tools and mail both electronic and direct—but also a lot of project management, creative direction and oversight. I worked closely with MRM art directors to oversee junior designers and copywriters.

Together, we built a site that brings in big business (aka $$$) for USPS and has helped establish them as future-ready thought leaders in the shipping world.

$30 billion+

revenue generated for USPS


higher lead-gen rate than average


increase in perception of USPS as a B2B partner

Applied Digital Skills is a Grow with Google curriculum that teaches valuable digital concepts (like being safe online, using spreadsheets, and creating websites) in project-based ways for learners of all ages.

As a part of the team, I create educational resources, lesson assessments, teacher spotlights and more. I work intimately with the back-end CMS to launch lessons and pick up exciting, meaningful projects on a weekly basis.

1 million+

registered Applied Digital Skills students


black middle and high school students reached


lessons launched for school-age and adult learners


Wow, that's nice!

“Katelyn once trekked through knee-deep snow with a broken toe for pasta. She has grit and determination and will get sh*t done.”

- Mina Derian, Facebook Product Designer & Beautiful Soul

But wait, there's more:


As a leading content producer at Crowdtap (now Suzy), I created numerous pieces built on consumer research, including white papers, blog posts, infographics, and more.


As a content collaborator, I wrote pieces like How Unexpected Events Impact On-Demand Viewing and The Impact of an Earlier Oscars Ceremony on On-Demand Planning for their blog.

CB Insights

As a content collaborator, I wrote and updated blog posts relating to industry trends and information, like facial recognition, blockchain and startup failures.

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