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Nice to meet ya, I'm Katelyn.

I'm a human woman.

Born in New York State, raised in North Carolina, and now living in New York City, many people are surprised that I don't have an accent. I cite "being shy" and "not talking much" as a child. Thankfully, as a vigilant observer of humanity, I have picked up and perfected accents from across the U.S.

Go ahead, stalk me.

And I have a way with words.

I am a lifelong lover of language, words, style and grammar. On a creative team, I'm the one who (respectfully) debates the use of an Oxford comma when drafting a style guide. I also lead the pack to turn bright ideas into sentences, paragraphs, presentations and websites that make brands and businesses look goooood.

Ok, I'm interested.

Wow, that's nice!

"Katelyn is one of the most thoughtful, curious and dedicated people it has ever been my pleasure to work with. Any project with her input is elevated by her sharp attention to detail and her wry, subtle sense of humor."

- Nick Andersen, WGBH Producer & All-Around Gem

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